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Your summer home maintenance

Spring freeze-thaw cycles and heavy snow can wear away at your home. This summer, take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days to tackle your home maintenance chores to help maintain your home’s value and appeal in the market.

Repair your roof

Do a walk-around of your home. Replace warped, cracked, or missing shingles. It’s better to address minor issues now than deal with major headaches such as leaks – or even entire roof replacement.

Check your detectors

Now is the time to test your smoke and carbon dioxide monitors. Replace batteries, check “replace by” dates (most are only good for 10 years), and make sure they can be easily seen and heard on all floors.

Maintain your furnace

Replace filters every three months, schedule maintenance, and sweep up dust or remove any items that may limit airflow around the unit.

Explore your vents

To optimize cooling and efficiency, close bottom and open top registers. Move furniture that may be blocking vents. Examine outdoor vents to ensure slats move freely, remove dust and lint, and fix missing or broken parts to prevent vermin and pests from entering.

Fix up with paint

Touch up scuffed or chipped paint around your home, such as your front door or garage. To blend, use a high-quality brush with slightly thinned-out paint, followed by a light pass with a roller.

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